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ABOUT MotoTattoo

MOTO TATTOO was created from years of experience and a lot of experimentation.

MotoTattoo is owned by Kim and Sam Mather-Neill and is run along with a very enthusiastic team in Nottingham.

A Little Bit About Us...

Sam started riding motorcycles at 8, started trials riding at 11 and motocross at 14. Obviously motorcycles have always been apart of his life. He designed his first helmet graphic for AGV when he was 15 and has been working in the helmet business ever since then. Growing up in the business visited most of the helmet factories in Italy, and of course many in China.  He inherited his families failing distribution business at 27 years old and built it into the largest in the UK, EuroHelmets/MotoDirect. While working there he developed Wolf Leathers and RST Motorcycle Clothing.  After selling out to management he helped to develop KBC helmets in the UK and then moved to California for a change and to help expand KBC there.

After meeting Kim, a professional photographer and avid rider, in California they began working together creating and supplying designs for nearly every one of the top helmet brands all over the world. They design the helmets, the gear and the graphics for helmets. Many of your favorite helmet designs probably came from our studio. We find it fun to see our designs on the street in just about every country we visit.

One day Sam came up with an amazing, innovative way to design right onto a helmet. This can be done without taking it apart, sanding it down or adding weight and in a safe, durable, permanent, fast way. Now how to implement it...

About that time they decided to come to the UK to create a new helmet brand. Force was created with the idea of selling small quantities of designs and to be a fast moving, style led helmet brand. They also decided to incorporate Sam's new design idea now called, MotoTattoo.  It took a few years to work out the kinks, get the website up and running, an ever changing and constant learning experience, and to make the process streamlined... and here we are.

MotoTattoo will grow and change, we hope that someday soon we will have a small group of retail stores where you can have your helmet tattooed while you have a coffee and browse through the cool shop.

But to start with we are offering you a huge and every growing collection of designs to put on a hand picked selection of helmet shells. You can add your name or a saying or a few graphics to the back and choose a color or chrome or sparkles. If we don't have a design you would love and you have your own idea... let us know and our designers will work with you, just ask!

Stretch the limits of your imagination. Let us help you create a helmet you LOVE.

We hope that people have as much fun with MotoTattoo as we do!